HSSE Charter:

CIMC Enric Energy Engineering (S) Pte Ltd, hereinafter referred to as CEE, is committed to supporting, implementing and continually improving the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) requirements within its business activities by ensuring the following:

1. All CEE personnel will safeguard persons and assets associated with its business activities by identifying all known hazards and enacting measures to eliminate the risk that they occur;

2. HSSE shall not be compromised to achieve any business objective;

3. Active participation and input from CEE Personnel in HSSE matters is encouraged by CEE Management;

4. All Managers within CEE have the responsibility to promote and provide training to personnel on HSSE and to verify the compliance of CEE to the HSSE Requirements;

5. All Personnel within CEE must strive to thoroughly understand and implement the HSSE requirements pertaining to their work;

6. HSSE Regulations applicable to all CEE operations will be understood and met.


Quality Charter:

To support its Mission Statement, and in the pursuit of excellence, CIMC Enric Energy Engineering (S) Pte Ltd,

 has formulated and is committed to a Quality Charter in which all employees will endeavor to:

1. Define and implement quality objectives based on this policy statement at appropriate levels of the organization;

2. Individually and collectively utilize CEE resources to efficiently create the most effective business solutions for the Customers and CEE;

3. Continually improve CEE business processes within their own functional area and within supporting functions utilizing the Management System as the means of process definition;

4. Continually satisfy its Customers by creating, producing and supplying high quality, reliable products and services, within time and budget and according to Customers’ specifications;

5. Execute projects and operational activities in conformity with contractual and CEE requirements.