Yantai CIMC Raffles Co., Ltd

Yantai CIMC consist of 4 offshore and marine research & development centers, 3 offshore construction base and 3 operation companies, with a total strength of 12,000 staff.

The core business includes but is not limited to design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of rigs production platforms, offshore vessels, supply vessels etc.

The yard is equipped with the world largest 20,000 ton gantry crane, 18m deep water wharf, etc.  It is the largest semi-submersible construction base in China and also one of the first batch of enterprises to enter into the Offshore White List. The history of CIMC Raffles can be traced back to Yantai Shipyard which was established in 1977 and delivered the first bottom sitting jack-up rig in the year 1978.